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Dialogues on Social Justice and Democracy Between Europe and the Americas (1945-1965)

This volume gathers together the fruits of the dialogue between ten European and American scholars aimed at exploring the transnational horizons of Catholic social action from the post-World War II period to the Council years.
Through a plurality of approaches, some of the ways in which Catholics on both sides of the Atlantic, in a fruitful and ongoing exchange of views and experiences, have reflected on issues of social justice and democracy are examined. Their reflections were not abstract, but embodied in social, cultural and political experiences that have left their mark on the history and identity of local Catholicisms, helping to show the potential for change inherent in the Gospel and in the principles of the Social Doctrine of the Church.
Starting from these premises, this publication seeks to delve into ideal links and networks of relations that in the period following the Second World War have made the Atlantic a little narrower, highlighting the contribution of the Catholic world, in its different souls, to contemporary globalisation processes.
Marta Busani - Paolo Valvo (eds.)


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Anno: 2023
Numero pagine: 293
ISBN: 978-88-382-5327-0
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