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STUDIUM - Contemporary Humanism Open Access Annals 2023

Rethinking and Rebuilding Trust in Contemporary Societies
Why Trust Matters (and Why We Should Take Care of It), Stefano Biancu
Trust Through Thick and Thin, Ronan Sharkey
Trust in the Unexpected, Teresa Bartolomei
Between Religious Faith and Basic Trust. The Contributions of Hans Urs von Balthasar and John Henry Newman, Robert Cheaib
Rebuilding Trust. The Texture of Values and Images in Iris Murdoch, Silvia Conti
Not a Wager: the Real Presence as Poetic Trust, Christophe Herzog Divine Trust and National Sovereignty. Democracy, Theocracy and Institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Filippo Benedetti Milincovich
Democratic School Governance and Organizational Trust, Francesca Fioretti
Renewing Trust in Life: Dionysus or the Affirmation of the Human Possible, Gael Trottmann-Calame
The Grammar of Faith in the Community of Trust. An Excursus from Ludwig Wittgenstein to George Lindbeck, Pierangelo Bianco
Works in progress
Assessing Multimodal Scientific Writing Competencies: An Analysis of Validity and Educational Justice of Standardized Tests, Dany López González
What is Poetic Phenomenology?, Jan Juhani Steinmann
Why do we need Posthuman Ethics instead of Humanism?, Victoria Bauer
On Why Architecture Matters: the Exhibition Experience, Federico Rudari
Rebuilding Responsibility through Artificial Moral Advisors and Moral Assistant Systems, Marco Tassella
Ectogenesis in the Feminist Debate. The Bioethical Limits of Artificial Gestation, Costanza Vizzani
Vers une démocratisation des sciences et des techniques avec Bruno Latour, Jérémie Supiot
Chi è Pavel A. Florenskij? Status quaestionis e prospettive, Cecilia Benassi

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